Holy Pupper, Batman! Demi Lovato’s Yorkipoo is Cute Enough to Save Gotham!

Since we can’t pet him IRL, a double tap will have to do.

Bravo superfan and possible long-lost daughter of Kyle Richards Demi Lovato has two terribly cute dogs, Batman and Cinderella. While we’re a little disappointed that the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills devotee didn’t name her pups Rinna and Vanderpump, we’ll forgive her because she’s given us the gift of Batman’s very own instagram account, allowing us a sneak peak into his oh-so-fabulous and furry little life.

Batman—a tiny, black Yorkipoo that Demi adopted for her 23rd birthday—is the real star of the account, looking super adorbs as Demi puts him on both a metaphorical and literal pedestal. However, recent posts suggest Batman may be starting to share his spotlight with the new puppy on the scene, Cinderella (Ella for short). The "Cool for the Summer" singer adopted the new puppy in March and has been making cameos on Batman's account ever since. And while Demi has never confirmed what type of pooch Ella is, we are definitely seeing some Yorkie in her sweet little face.

Demi is no stranger to the dog Instagram game: Her previous dog Buddy had quite an instagram following. The sweet Maltipoo, who Demi shared with then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, died tragically (by coyote) in 2015. But a silver lining to his sad fate? Demi adopted Batman to help heal from her loss.

With Batman and Buddy each having their own Instagram account, it’s only a matter of time before their canine sibling Ella gets her turn at social media stardom. (It appears that an Ella Instagram account may exist, but with only one picture posted it’s hard to tell if it’s a superfan’s placeholder or the real deal. Hey, Instagram please step up your game on verified dog pages, okay?)

In the meantime, we’ll continue to get our daily dosage of Demi’s dog cuteness from Batman—and Ella will continue to be the Robin to Batman's, well, Batman.

Little bae 😍💗

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I'm the cutest

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Ummm... the tampons are NOT mine!! I swear!!! 😳

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Like my new coat? ❄️❄️❄️

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I love my sister ❤️

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Batman Hadid

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