Did Mariah Carey Demand Her Own Soundtrack in a Quiet Restaurant in Italy?

It's not like it would be out of character.

Would it surprise you if you heard that Mariah Carey, while traveling abroad, demanded that a soundtrack of her own music follow her around?

Well, that's exactly what Page Six reported happened when the star waltzed into a restaurant in Capri, Italy. The report suggests that unsuspecting diners in the famous Ristorante Aurora — which has a century of history over three generations of the family D'Alessio — were taken aback when a quiet dinner turned into the Mariah Carey show. Around 11 p.m., the restaurant suddenly switched its typical music to a loud Mariah song — and then in came the diva with her billionaire fiancé James Packer.

“She literally had an entrance song,” according to the eye witness cited by Page Six.

The report also describes the star as “charismatic," partying with a large group of about 10 people — one of whom was actually Uma Thurman’s ex, Arki Busson. It's a small, insular, rarefied world for celebs!

Evidently, Mariah’s songs played for the rest of the night. Later in the evening, "Fantasy" came on and the crowd responded favorably, grooving to the uptempto jam.

According to the witness, it just seemed like the star and her entourage brought an entire Mariah playlist with them and asked — demanded? — that the restaurant get to playing it pronto.

That said, the source said the star was actually super nice and posed for pics with some kids. (It did not specify why kids were dining at 11 p.m., but this is Europe after all.)

The star has been partying off the Amalfi Coast — for instance on a fabulous 454-foot yacht, enjoying fireworks and all — with her man and "dem babies," the luckiest jet-setting five-year-old twins on the planet.

Happy 4th of July #roc and #roe 🎉

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