Disneyland Visitors Post Videos, Photos Showing a Surreal and Shocking Scene in the Park as Fire Rages Nearby

An orange glow is casting worry over the happiest place on earth.

California is ablaze. Devastating wildfires in Northern California's wine country region had claimed 11 lives by Tuesday morning, as well as destroyed homes and other structures known to travelers — such as the Fountaingrove Inn and Hilton Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa. 

Crews in Southern California, too, also continue to battle an uncontained blaze in the Orange County region, where thousands were forced to evacuate and 7,500 acres had already burned. 

As the so-called "Canyon No. 2 fire" raged over the Anaheim Hills, it caused eerie sights over Disneyland, with smokey skies cast in an orange hue. Here are some of the surreal images visitors captured at the park — which currently remains open.

Credit: AllisterAdel/Twitter

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