This is What Happens When a DJ's Face Gets Turned into a Cocktail

It's mixology gone wrong...or oh so right.

It's never too early to start thinking about what you'll be drinking tonight, and what you'll listen to as you do it. May we suggest combining the two? You know, mixing your cocktail and your music in one glass. Huh? That's what one very strange, oddly compelling Tumblr called Carl Cocktails is doing: Turning famous DJs into cocktails, and giving new meaning to mixology. Words fail to do justice, so check these out:

Jaime XX just needs a little vodka, Peach schnapps and juice, and he turns into...

Take Basement Jaxx, mix in a little JD and sweet soda, and you've got....

All your Mai Tai needs is a little Tycho... or vice versa.

Still thirsty? Check out the rest of Carl Cocktail's mixes here.  [via Mixmag.]


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