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This Doctor Is Using Hypnosis To Make Couples Stay In Love

One New York doc has seen massive success with his patients. 

A prominent New York doctor named Dr. Errol Gluck uses hypnosis to get people to quit smoking, stop drinking, and…stay in love with their partner

Yes, it’s true. You can “trick” your brain into thinking a different way, says Dr. Gluck D.MINC.CT.HC.I., who also works with CEO’s all over the country who are frightened of public speaking and founded Platinum Poire. Patients have flooded to his practice, Gluck Solutions in New York, for nearly 40 years and he has become the preeminent Clinical Hypnotist and Life Coach in the country, and he has helped people change their sour feelings towards their other half

“Hypnosis is not what you see on television,” Dr. Gluck explains. “Medical hypnosis is based on practices from the early 70’s. The belief was the brain had stationary units that controlled different functions. They saw that the brain rearranged itself. They realized the brain itself had a rational mind, the frontal lobe mammal brain (same brain as an animal), and the back of the brain, the reptilian brain for addictions.”

He says that when the brain is put in a state called the “beta state,” you can all of a sudden actually change the way a person thinks.

“I’ve been doing for over 40 years. I integrate that with rational cognitive coaching. I’m treating you not as a sick patient, but as a well person who is stuck. I’m giving you pragmatic solutions without grudging up your past. I’m going to get you from point A to B to C.”

If a person can’t make a full leap, Dr. Gluck brings in hypnosis. His patients sit or lie on a comfortable couch and are always alert, but enter a “floaty stage.” It’s then that, based on your personality, background, and chemical makeup, Dr. Gluck creates a dialogue that gives your rational brain dominance, and trains you to think and act differently. 

“There’s so much involved [in doing it] that you need to study it to understand,” he says. “You need 20-,000-30,000 hours of doing it to be decent at it.”

Dr. Gluck also trains a lot of doctors in the art of hypnosis, and hat you have to have some natural talent for it. 

“I work on executives. I could take executives drinking excessive amounts and have them only drink a few drinks a day for 20 years,” he says.

It works the same way with “make me stay in love with this person.” And a few 50 minute sessions can do the job.

“What happens is falling in love is not necessary on a rational level, and that’s why people fall out of love. You ask rational questions later,” he says. 

In order for the hypnosis to work, there has to be a mutual respect on some level. And the patient has to be working on the relationship. In other words, it’s not magic. 

“You don’t change your individuality, if you don’t continually reinvent loving emotions you put into the relationship it won’t last,” he says.  

He even offers hypnotherapy as an alternative to couples counseling for couples who are considering divorce.

“Marriages experience rough patches, or two, or four while on their way to marital bliss. The key is to not give up at the first or second or fourth sign of trouble. There may be tension and arguments filing your home right now, but with patience and proper guidance, couples can rediscover the the love that lead you down the aisle on your wedding day.”

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