Tonight, On The Dog Bachelor: It's Maya vs. Psara on the 1-on-1 to Win Puppy Love

But who will get the stuffed squeaky rose?

*Chris Harrison voice*

Tonight, on The Dog Bachelor: it’s the most dramatic episode…EVER. Stuart the Pit Bull takes the ladies to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico to explore the majestic scenery—and their growing relationships. In a shocking twist, the handsome Pittie selects Psara and Maya for his one-on-one date, guaranteeing that one of the two will not find puppy love tonight.

The drama heats up as Psara challenges whether or not Maya is here for the right reasons, accusing her of being an “in-the-closet cat person.” But Maya plans to make a major move tonight, maybe even dropping the L word: “I’m totally falling for Stuart and I want to tell him as soon as possible. I think today’s date will be perfect.”

Cut to: Stuart’s doggie tongue enthusiastically licking a face—but whose is it?

It’s all coming up tonight on this episode of…The Dog Bachelor.

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