Do You Have a Dog? Do You Have a Kid? Do You Have One of the Best Dog Breeds for Kids?

Is there any combo better than kids and dogs?

When we first brought our baby home from the hospital, we weren't sure how our Schipperke was going to respond. Would she see her as a new tiny playmate or a new tiny enemy? Would she just be super effing psyched to have access to all those tiny wee-wee pads known as diapers? As it turned out, the answer was none of the above: She treated the baby like a sack of potatoes—except she was even less interested because the baby isn't edible.

However, there are certain dog breeds that are predisposed to having great relationships with babies and children. In looking for the right breed for your family, consider your needs: Do you want a dog who will be patient with your rambunctious toddler? Choose a golden retriever, an Irish setter or a Newfoundland. How about a dog who will protect your baby with her own life? Boxers, mastiffs and bull terriers are loyal to the death. Is your family in need of a playmate for a kid with boundless energy? You can’t go wrong with a Weimaraner or a labrador retriever. How about a snuggle bug who will never leave your side? Bulldogs, beagles and soft-coated Wheatens give the best cuddles.

No matter what type of dog you choose, know this: Owning a pet will not only teach your child about responsibility, but will also introduce him or her to the concept of unconditional love at a young age. (Just ask Kim Zolciak-Biermann.)


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Golden retriever


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Labrador retriever

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Bull terrier


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Soft-coated Wheaton

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Irish setter

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