“Dog Dad Slow Jam” Combines Your Love of '90s *NSYNC with Your Love of Dogs

What can we say? We love dog-themed novelty songs.

Father's Day is coming up, and you know what that means: a major surge in tie sales, grillable meats marinating in the fridge, and BarkBox's answer to their Mother's Day "Dog Mom Rap": The "Dog Dad Slow Jam."

Much like the Dog Mom Rap, this novelty ditty harkens back to the peak '90s, finding its soulful roots in *NSYNC-esque melody, rhythm, and sultry vocals. They've also got choreographed dance moves, complementary outfits, and lyrics so endearing, you'll wish you were the canine in question. To wit?

"You take up the whole bed and I just get the small part / But it's cool because you take the blame for all of my farts." C'mon, tell us Lance Bass doesn't wish he'd written that!

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