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This Dog Fighting Sleep So He Can Stay Up and Watch Southern Charm is All Of Us

Must. Keep. Eyes. Open. To. See. Fight. Between. Naomie. And. Craig.

It’s a weeknight, past 10PM. You’re exhausted and your couch just somehow magically got 100% more comfy. Your mission is to stay up to catch the end of your fave program. It’s only 15 more minutes. You’ve got this. You must know what happens. Plus your bed is approximately 9 billion miles away. (Seriously, why didn’t you consider bed-to-living room proximity when you were apartment hunting?)

You. Are. Staying. Up. Maybe you decide to rest your eyes. Just for a second. You can still listen to the TV, right? Nope. Boom. Curtains. You jolt up. “I’m awake. I’m awake,” you tell yourself—or maybe the person watching TV with you.

Or maybe the person filming your fight against sleep, such as Floyd the Boxer, whose struggle versus the ZZZs is just all too real. We’ve been there, buddy! Luckily, not only is Floyd’s sleepiness relatable, but it’s also totally adorable!

And if you think he looks cute drowsy, look how beyond he is when he finally conks out for good!

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