Extremely Catholic Stray Dog Devotes His Life to God and Joins a Monastery

All dogs go to heaven indeed!

Feeling guilty about not frequenting church enough? (We’re looking at you, Jax Taylor.) Well one pious pooch is about to compound your conscience: A Schnauzer named Carmelo has joyfully joined the St. Francis of Assisi monastery in Bolivia.

The sweet-tempered pooch had been living as a stray on the street, but then local animal rescue group Proyecto Narices Frias rescued him and facilitated his adoption by the church. Their hope is that Carmelo’s story will inspire other churches to adopt rescue animals in need.

The brothers immediately took to the four-legged Friar. They even gave Carmelo a formal title (Friar Bigoton—Spanish for Friar Mustache) and made him a tiny Franciscan habit. The pup is an apropos addition—St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals!

Friar Jorge Fernandez spoke fondly of his new brethren: “His life is all about playing and running,” he told The Dodo. “Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God.”

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