People Are Now Bringing Pics of Their Dogs' Fur to the Salon as #Hairspo

“I want those ‘just lapped up some toilet water’ waves.”

If you’ve ever made a major hair change in your life, you’ve likely walked into the salon with a handful of magazine cut outs. In the ‘90s, we all wanted “The Rachel.” In the ‘00s, we all wanted Posh Spice’s “Pob.” And here, in the ‘10s—a most magical era, indeed—we are all vying for…our dog’s hairstyle.

It all started when Twitter user Kerbie Gibbs posted a picture of her English springer spaniel with the caption, “My dog’s ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights.”

What was obviously something of a joke spiraled out into a full-blown meme. Twitter users the world ‘round replied with their own pics of dogs whose hair is arguably better than humans’.

But is it all really jokes when people start screenshotting the pics and taking them to the salon?

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