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“Dog Mom Rap” is the Anthem That Every Legit Dog Mom Has Been Waiting For

“Casually strollin’ with a turd in my hand…”

Confession: We are extremely tired of parody rap. It feels like it has been a “thing” since the ‘90s, and we can’t understand why we haven’t evolved with the times. Like, c’mon, where is the parody tropical house music (aside from Lady Gaga’s “The Cure,” of course)?

So when we saw this “Dog Mom Rap,” it was with a heavy index finger that we clicked play. But we are surprised and delighted to report that this video is really effing funny (it's more a parody of Iggy Azalea than anything), and it has made us reassess our stance on spoofs. The sentiments will 1000% resonate with every true Dog Mom. To wit:

“Don’t need a man when I come home / ‘Cause my bed is a literal bone zone.”


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