Why Did Eleven, Scully, and Coco Chanel All Meet at a Dog Park?

Repping some of the pop culture dog name trends of 2016!

We’ve already brought you the most popular dog and cat names of 2016, but let’s be honest, they were pretty basic. (Please stop naming your pets Bella, people!)

But when you look beyond the top slots, things get a lot more interesting: Rover.com has compiled a video of the year’s biggest trends in dog naming and unsurprisingly, they’re primarily pop culture-focused. With lots of new pooches being named after Pokémon and Stranger Things—not to mention a resurgence of Mulders and Scullys—the dog park is about to sound a lot more cacophonous.

Unleashed spoke with Rover.com, which shared their biggest upsets: “We were surprised to see Empire names on the decline. Cookie and Hakeem were down nearly 16% this year. And for Game of Thrones, Hodor decreased 50% year over year. Maybe it was too heartbreaking to call Hodor home?”

Although Bowie saw a bump this year, other dearly departed musicians—such as Prince—got no such homage. And almost as if in reaction to a tough 2016, junk food and alcohol names (think: Twix and Whiskey) saw an uptick, while health food names (like Tofu) suffered.

As for 2017? Rover.com expects pop culture-inspired names to continue to rise. “We’ll be on the lookout for characters from Westworld and The Crown as well as the upcoming Disney and Marvel movies.” And if you’re looking to stand out, “give your dog a name that would both be exhilarating and a bit astonishing if you were to call for them at the dog park; think of your dog's name as a conversation starter.”

See the complete breakdown of 2016 dog naming trends below.

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