DOG OR CAT? The Entire Internet Is Totally Baffled

Pls help us determine what this animal is!

Hi everyone! Is this a dog or a cat? We don’t know! Do you?

Okay, we have an inkling. But only because if you google “IS THIS A DOG OR CAT???” the Google result takes you to So yeah, guess it’s a cat. 

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It turns out that Atchoum (named for the French version of “ah-choo!”) is a fairly famous cat (he has his own website, after all). He is a Persian from Quebec, and the only cat on record with Werewolf Syndrome (we’re not being rude—that’s the slang term for his rare congenital condition of hypertricosis). 

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While it sounds a little frightening, Atchoum is not in any pain. Rather, the condition causes rapid, continuous hair and claw growth, so he needs to be groomed regularly (and had to be declawed for his own safety). Luckily for Atchoum, his mom is a groomer.

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'Some people say my wild furs and intense amber eyes make me look like a dog, an owl, a mad scientist, a Gremlin, Lorax or the Grinch but I'm happy to be me,” Atchoum says on his website. “I’m hairy, not scary!”

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Now that the mystery has been solved (much more easily than the white and gold/blue and black dress debacle), you might want to keep up with Atchoum on his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

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