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Adorable Dog Rescued from Meat Farm Experiences a Bed and Toys for the First Time

Have you ever seen a sweeter dog?!

The battle against the dog meat trade still has a long way to go. Despite the fact that Taiwan recently banned the sale and consumption of dog meat and volunteers (like Lisa Vanderpump) are dedicating their efforts to ending the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, there are still upwards of two million dogs slaughtered and eaten each year in South Korea.

But one very lucky dog named Kat has escaped that horrific fate. After being rescued from a dog meat farm, Kat flew 15 hours from South Korea all the way to the Animal Welfare League of America to begin a new life. Presented with a plush dog bed and plenty of toys, Kat doesn’t quite know what to do with herself yet—but with lots of love and affection, we’re sure she’ll be playing fetch and snuggling up in no time!

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