Dog Reunites with His Favorite Toy After 5 Years and Makes Our Hearts Explode

Guys, he LITERALLY starts crying!

When Finn the dachshund was just a puppy, he had a pig squeaky toy that he loved. Like really loved. Like loved so much that he inadvertently destroyed it. (And its replacement. And that one’s replacement.) His humans knew they had to start buying him more durable toys, but Finn never quite had the same insanely-excited reaction as he did with his original polka dot pig.

So recently, Finn’s humans decided to surprise him with a new Piggy. Finn’s reaction goes from disbelieving to overjoyed, and soon he starts to cry with happiness, the same way he did when he was just a months-old puppy. It must be catching, because we found ourselves with tears in our eyes too.

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