Unbelievable Rescue: Golden Retriever Heroically Saves Baby Deer from Ocean

If this doesn’t make you cry, you are 100% dead inside.

A golden retriever named Storm was enjoying an early morning walk along a Long Island shore, when out of nowhere he took off running into the ocean.

His human, Mark Freeley, was obviously concerned, until he realized what Storm was doing—rescuing a baby deer who was helplessly flailing in the chilly water.

In thirty seconds flat, Storm had gripped the fawn by the scruff and dragged her to shore. Once she was on dry land, the tiny deer scrambled up the beach, and Storm dutifully followed, licking and nuzzling her, ensuring that she was alive and okay.

Freeley contacted a local animal rescue, who will be rehabilitating the fawn until she’s ready for release in the wild.

Since the unbelievable rescue, “Good Boy Storm” has become a hero, landing lots of interviews and plenty of acclaim. Freeley is using Storm’s newfound fame to raise awareness and funds for Last Chance Animal Rescue, where he frequently volunteers.

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