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VOLUME UP: Dog Says “Thank You” with Impressive Human-Like Accuracy

And we say you’re welcome.

The 1998 movie Sliding Doors brought us three things: Gwyneth Paltrow’s short haircut, the idea that a small moment could alter the course of your life forever, and the Dido song “Thank You.” And now, because of such a small twist of fate, we’ve found a dog on the Internet that is learning the lyrics to Dido’s breakout hit from said movie.

The pupper in question, Brownie, mimics his owner and happily says “thank you” in the short clip. We can only assume that the two are gearing up to learn the rest of the lyrics of the song so they can take the karaoke world by storm. And to you, Brownie, we say, “I-IIIIIIIIII just want to thank you for giving me the best dog video of my liiiiiiiife.”

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