When You’re a Dog Who’s About to Meet Jax Taylor, You Better Roll Up in Style

These pups have rented the finest mini-cars Bravo HQ has to offer!

The other day, we surprised Jax Taylor, Kyle Cooke, and Carl Radke with three adorable dogs. The results were adorable—you should really go check ‘em out.

But what hasn’t been revealed is just how fancied-up these pups were for the big meeting. In the same way you want to rent the fanciest limo for your prom or the most expensive Lamborghini for the Grammys, these dogs demanded to arrive in style. So they contacted their local Enterprise offices (read: our props people) and asked for the finest transpo they had to offer (read: a mini-convertible we had sitting around for reasons unclear). And just like Luigi Maestro (the Shih Tzu who rolls around NYC in a remote-controlled BMW), they looked fly AF in their fancy wheels. We are certain that Jax, Kyle, and Carl were beyond impressed.

Here’s Noodle, the low-rider. (Technically a permanent low-rider as he’s a pug.)

And Bobby Flay, sporting his finest Sunglass Hut shades in a show of solidarity. (#FreeJax)

And finally, Olivia (available for adoption through PupStarz), who looks like she’s on the verge of ghost-riding the whip.

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