Genius Dogs Have the Same Favorite Treat As the Rest of Us

Ugh, we know we shouldn’t, but…

You know how you go to Starbucks, and you order a decadent sugary drink you’re not supposed to have, and the barista is like, “Do you want whip on that?” And for a hot second, you believe you have the self-control to say, “No thank you,” but then your willpower collapses and you yelp in panic, “YES PLEASE, EXTRA WHIP, OMG.”?

These dogs totally get it.

Watch as Brody and Fiona, along with their friend Roxy, lose their minds enjoying the ultimate Below Deck-approved dog treat: Reddi-Wip, extra creamy, straight out of the canister into their mouths. Perhaps that’s what Starbucks Pug was longing for?

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