Literally Just 20 Pictures of Insanely Happy Puppies Frolicking Through Leaves


Despite the fact that global warming has effectively ruined autumnal weather for the majority of the country, we are still embracing a Fall State of Mind. That means we are going wear flannel even though it’s 90 degrees, order our PSLs over ice, and stare longingly at red-orange-yellow foliage on our computer screens with the hope it will beget some kind of osmosis.

Yep, Unleashed is here to help you suck it up. Go on and forget about that withdrawal from The Paris Accord! Just live your best life vicariously through these puppies frolicking in the autumn leaves (even as your real-life dog trots outside and glares at you like, “What is the deal with this eternal summer, hooman?!”).

This is the October we all deserve, dammit! Please enjoy.

Tillie in the #centralpark bouncy castle.

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Fall is so wonderful 🍂🌻🐾🍁

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Fall is the best season of all. Indy completely agrees. 🍁

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Tillie in the #centralpark bouncy castle.

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"Look Mom I caught a leaf!" #kenziephotographs2018 #fall #autumn #leaves #puppies #cockalier #puppiesinleaves

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