Puppies’ Reaction to First Snow is Weirdly Quiet and Respectful

We could all stand to be a little more like these dogs.

There are about a gajillion videos out there of dogs experiencing snow for the first time. Usually the pups are frantically running around out of confusion or leaping in the air with pure joy.

But then there are these dogs, Maclin and Marley. Their initial reactions are to be expected (running! sniffing!), but soon, as the two look up towards the sky, something happens: They quite down with consideration. Maybe they’re contemplating nature and the very science that could make such an event possible. Maybe they’re reflecting on their tiny roles in an infinite universe. Or maybe—just maybe—they simply like the feel of the snow on their snouts.

Regardless, please enjoy these dogs’ reverence—and remember it the next time you’re cursing the weather.

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