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This Dog is You in High School: Breaking Curfew, Sneaking Out, Then Sneaking Back In

Teens, arewerite?

You’re up in your room, listening to some early Taylor Swift, feeling some youthful angst. Your BFF texts you that there’s a killer party happening, but you know that your totally lame parents would never let you go. So you do what any other rebellious teen would do: You wait until the house falls asleep, stuff some pillows under your sheets, and get ready to make your move. You trot down to the garage, hop up on the scooter, project your furry, four-legged body through the tiny window, bounce on to the street to freedom and hightail it to meet your buds! We’ve all been there, right? 

Okay, maybe we haven’t lived out that exact scenario, but this precious doggo certainly has. While we can only imagine the sorts of fun (dog)house parties this pup got into, his story doesn’t end with his jailbreak. Like any true rebellious teen, this pupper also mastered the art of sneaking back in! Party on, righteous pup! (And may you grow out of this phase soon!)

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