Christmas Miracle: Domino’s Japan is Teaching Reindeers to Deliver Pizzas

Dashing through the snow, in a pizza oven sleigh…

It’s only November, but we already have our New Year’s resolution worked out: learn Japanese so we can better understand what’s happening with animals over there in 2017. (We’re looking at you, Cardboard Chihuahua.)

Right now, all we know is that Domino’s Pizza is introducing reindeer delivery service in Japan. Yep, that means pizza-lovers in Hokkaido are about to get their thin crusts delivered courtesy of Rudolph and his buddies—while us American suckers are still getting ours from high-schoolers in Hondas.

According to Mashable (our unofficial translator for this story), the reindeer not only add some holiday cheer to your Cheesy Bread, but they also provide a more practical way to deliver Domino’s in highly snowy weather (remember: reindeer thrive in Arctic conditions!). Bonus: you can track your delivery reindeer via GPS. Isn’t the future spectacular?

Lest you fear that the reindeer aren’t enjoying their new after-school jobs, rest assured: These deliveries are being overseen by professional animal trainers, and we can only assume the reindeer will be generously tipped with apples.

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