Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Causing Fights In Bedrooms Across America

For some, it's either don't talk politics, or break up.

Thirty-five year-old comedian Dan Nainan (who has performed at political events) has met both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and tells Personal Space he is voting for Donald in the presidential election “because he was extremely nice to me.”

His girlfriend, on the other hand, isn’t having any of it. 

“She is totally left wing and is voting for Hillary, and we cannot seem to resolve it no matter how much we discuss it,” he says. 

Discussion sounds pleasant compared to the madness happening in homes across the country—one Los Angeles couple is on the verge of divorce after a happy 5 year marriage because the husband is voting Trump and the wife is #withher.

“They are in therapy now, but it’s ugly,” says a mutual friend of the couple’s. “They may actually get divorced over this.”

Political talk has always pushed the wrong buttons in people—but when it divides a couple it’s bad. New York couple Tara, 35, and Jason, 32, agree on just about everything. They both love music and fitness, and watching late night movies together. But the presidential race has torn them apart.

“I was home one night extolling the praises of Hillary when my boyfriend gave me this quizzical stare,” Tara says. “So I asked him who he liked in the presidential race. When he said Donald Trump, I almost fell out of my chair.”

She tried to understand his logic—at first. 

“I’d ask, ‘How do you think a Trump presidency would benefit our lives?’ but he would only answer, ‘He speaks his mind, I like that.’”

When Jason started posting his support for Trump on social media, it became embarrassing for Tara to explain to friends and family. And one night, as the two were watching the news, another story about Trump insulting Tara’s choice for president came on. 

“Jason started laughing and giving a high-five sign for Trump. It was the last straw. I actually told him to get the hell out of my apartment,” she says. 

The two have since made up, but have decided to avoid any discussion of the upcoming election. 

“But come November, once the president is decided, I’m not sure we can survive the carnage,” Tara says. “Hillary will be voted into office, and he’ll have to deal with it, or find another girlfriend.”

Jennifer, 42, and Michael, 51, from New York, have taken to watching TV in separate rooms. While he watched the Republican National Convention, hollering and clapping in the bedroom, she binged Blue Bloods in the living room. During this weeks Democratic National Convention, he binged The Walking Dead while she cheered on Hillary. 

“At this point we don’t bring it up, if we do it’s a fight,” she says. “Instead I tell him to lower the volume.”

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