Want to Have Dinner With Donald Trump? There's a Sweepstakes for That

This is one of the stranger online sweepstakes you can partake in.

In addition to running the country, overseeing the armed forces, planning for the future, and the 1,001 additional tasks required of any sitting president, they must also—like every politician from the smallest town to the national stage—be working constantly to fundraise money for their future campaigns (and their party at large).

It's difficult, time-consuming work, and it can often be monotonous. So different campaigns and political parties have experimented with a wide range of fundraising efforts over the years, hoping to find the magical formula. Hillary Clinton pinned her hopes on a Katy Perry concert. Jeb Bush tried selling a $75 guac bowl. Florida governor Rick Scott even tried to hold a "gator hunt" with donors, though it fell through once the plans went public.

All this is to say there are (apparently) no truly bad ideas when it comes to fundraising, just ones that can really leave you scratching your head. And the latest one comes from the twitter handle of the GOP.

In one of the stranger fundraising sweepstakes we've seen, the tweet invites followers to enter for their chance to win a dinner at the White House with President Trump. All you have to do? Head to his website and offer up a donation, of any size, for a chance to win.

Needless to say, the twitterverse was not very supportive of what many of them viewed as a "pay-to-play" scenario.

To add insult to injury, anyone who followed the testimony of former FBI director James Comey can probably guess some of the other jokes being made about enjoying a dinner with Donald Trump.

Additionally it left us, and many online, speculating about what items might be on the menu for the presidential dinner. Maybe a plate of fried chicken? Pizza eaten with a fork? Or a well-done steak with a side of ketchup?

We can't be too sure.

We just hope whoever wins the raffle has a better time than Mitt Romney.

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