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Marrying Him In Your Mind After One Date, And Other Mistakes You May Be Making

Three best friends have become relationship experts who know it all. 

It’s not a bad word, it’s meant to make fun of that vocal fry/up-talking affect, so go ahead say it: Betch.

Jordana Abraham, 26, and Samantha Fishbein, 27, and Aleen Kuperman, 27, created The Betches, which started as a humor website when they were all in college together at Cornell. The threesome have managed to turn it into a lucrative career and have now released their second book, I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies...: How to Find Love & Sh*t Like That, which is a humorous take on navigating relationships and dating.

(Above from Left to Right; Gerard Maione Co-founder of WGACA store, Betches; Aleen Kuperman, Samantha Fishbein, Jordana Abraham, Seth Weisser Co-Founder of WGACA.)

“The book doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s to have a laugh and get some good advice,” says Aleen. “This book has a focus on dating and relationships, it’s a little bit more mature.”

Their first book, a satire of a self-help guide called Nice is Just a Place in France, made the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Allen gives us a breakdown of what they cover in the new book, saying in order to even think about dating you should “get your s**t together.”

“If you’re not happy with how you look, or your job is bringing you down, workout, find a job that makes you happy,” she says. “We say when you start dating to not get ahead of yourself, we call it ‘emotional masturbation.’ It’s when a girl will think about her wedding to a guy without even knowing him. Reel it in!”

The Betches advise to have as many options as you can and not get too excited in the beginning. And don’t act nuts. 

“Don’t friend him on Facebook after he texts you,” says Samantha. “Don’t pretend like he’s your husband or imagine your wedding.”

The girls cover everything from “the one” to a big wedding day; they just want you to not give betches a bad name. Jordana is the single one in the group, and uses her experiences with bad dates in the book, along with friends who have told them dating tales. 

“We’re the girl version of the bro,” Aleen says. 

The girls celebrated the release of the book with a party at What Goes Around Comes Around vintage store in Roslyn, New York, where they all grew up together. 

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