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Doug the Pug Brings Back MTV’s Cribs and There’s a LOT of Pizza Décor

No but really where do we get that pizza pillow?

Last week, we told you about some basset hounds who were hosting their own episode of Cribs. You guys were pretty excited—as you should have been, since it was signaling the zeitgeist’s return to what was arguably MTV’s best show ever (with the exception of Sifl and Olly).

And now, as if on cue, everyone’s fave famous pug—Doug the Pug—is inviting us into his home, Cribs-style. Much in the iconic fashion of Mariah Carey, Doug escorts viewers on a tour while wearing a plush bathrobe, but instead of lounging in the tub, he lounges on lots of stuff that’s shaped like pizza. Chief among the crib’s features? A neon pizza, a Lamborghini, a pizza skateboard, a photo studio, some pizza pillows, some cozy beds in every room, and—oh yeah—a fridge stacked with pizza, obviously.

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