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Duff Goldman Reveals How to Make the Glossy Mirror Cakes That Broke Instagram

We're taking a shine to Duff Goldman's version of the famous cake.

Not long ago, everyone went completely nuts over the glossy mirror-glazed cakes that a pastry chef in Russia named Olga Noskova posted to her Instagram—and she's still at it. Check out this cake she made this fall:

And this one:

But even though other pressing cake issues have occupied our minds since Noskova's rocket-like rise to fame, from custom sprinkles-drenched birthday cakes to "cakeage" fees, the famed cake maestro Duff Goldman hasn't forgotten about those mirror cakes. And now he's come up with his own simplified DIY version that we can all make at home. 

Except our version won't look anything like his, for the simple reason that he is Duff Goldman and we are not. But his version of the mirror cake does look doable, provided we just gather the right ingredients, take a deep breath and pay attention.

And in case you're wondering why Noskova's mirror cakes look so extra-extra shiny, even shinier than Goldman's, you're not alone. In the meantime, we're off to make this version, because we're not pro pastry chefs or food stylists or photographers or chemists. But we can totally do this. Maybe. 


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