The Eiffel Tower Now Has an Epic Zip Line (Yes, It's Real... But Not For Long)

The mic-drop of summer travel social media moments.

It was recently bumped from the top of the list of the most-Instagrammed attractions in the world (here's the new title holder, if you're keeping score), but now the Eiffel Tower has a solid new dose of visual appeal to reinvigorate those social-posting fingers.

Indeed, the Eiffel Tower is now outfitted with a brand new zip line, which stretches from the monument itself, across the vast Champs de Mars, and wraps up at L’École Militaire.

It takes a full minute to complete the half-mile-long ride, named as "Le Perrier Smash," by the brand in celebration of the French Open. The attraction sends participants soaring nearly 400 feet high at highway speeds around 55 miles per hour (which, conveniently, also happens to be the same speed as an elite-level tennis serve).

The best part: it's free.

The bummer: You have to act fast. Very fast. The operation only runs from June 5 through June 11. A mere brief but intensely memorable Parisian fling, you might say.

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