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You Will NEVER Make This Epic DIY Cat Castle But The Video’s Pretty Good Anyway

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Here at Unleashed, we love our cats. We cherish their snuggles, we spring for the fancy cat food, and we even give them designated bed pillows so they can sleep by our heads at night.

But we do not love our cats anywhere near as much as the people behind this video. Not even close.

The cute-minded people behind the cutely titled have come up with a cute cat castle that they are calling DIY. This isn’t to say that they didn’t DIT, but there is no world where we would DIO. It involves lots and lots of cardboard boxes, a commitment to using paint rollers, building drawbridges, threading hammocks, and generally exerting a whole bunch of effort for a pet that will 99% likely walk in and give it an unimpressed sniff before retreating to her designated bed pillow.

It’s still pretty impressive though!

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