Erika Girardi's Dog is Looking for a Girlfriend: Meet the Applicants

Which adorable mate would you pick for Tiago?

In honor of #NationalMuttDay, Erika Girardi tweeted a picture of her insanely cute mutt Tiago looking like quite the canine lothario. Apparently, he’s in need of some companionship.

Without hesitation, dogs across Twitter jumped on the opportunity to couple up with the cutie. Given Erika's reaction, it seems this little Yorkie is the top contender:

Although we think that beach babe Zoe would make an incredible complement:

There’s also mutt Harper, who says “Tiago can get it”:

Or MollyMae, who looks like she’d be perfectly at home in the Girardi mansion:

And then there was Voodoo, whose tweet was so scandalous we can’t embed it (she may be the first German Shepherd ever to refer to herself as the C-word). But hey, given that Tiago's owner is Erika Girardi, that maybe exactly what he wants in a wife!

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