Ex-Couple Face Each Other In Brutally Honest Video To Discuss Why He Cheated

“What did you do?” she asks. 

This is some real life lemonade.

Kourtney Jorge and her ex, named Leonard, made a video having a brutally honest conversation about cheating. And Kourtney asks outright about her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity and emotional abuse during their relationship.

As they sit facing each other, she asks, “What did you do?”

Leonard breaks everyone’s heart by replying: “I’ve had sex with other girls. I did everything.”

Kourtney has tears in her eyes, as she lists his faults, while Leonard, “Why didn't you just leave?”

She tells him it’s because, “I forgave you…because you're my best friend.”

Using the hashtag #hurtbae on Twitter, viewers are responding to the video, with one writing, “At least #Hurtbae got a chance to confront him. Most of us end relationships not knowing why dude did whatever he did.”

Another said: “First it's Beyoncé and now #HurtBae and it stays showing me that no matter HOW beautiful and talented u are men will ALWAYS be garbage.”

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