This Exploding Zit Burger Is the Grossest Thing We've Ever Seen, But We Kind of Want It

This burger isn't quite ready for its closeup.

There are a lot of things you don’t want to think about while you’re eating. Road kill, for example. Or medical procedures. Or even just a bunch of people bathing in a giant bowl of ramen.

But there’s one item at the top of the “things we don’t want our food to remind us of” list that we just really can’t stomach: zits. More specifically? Popping zits.

That’s why we’re among those who are more than a little put off by thoughts of the new “burger bomb” gracing the menu of Raw Material, a restaurant on New York City’s Lower East Side.

As GrubStreet points out, this menu item’s most alluring/off-putting component isn’t the burger, but a more-than-meets-the-eye top bun that has been filled to the popping point with melted Vermont cheddar cheese. And when we say “to the popping point,” we aren’t speaking in hyperbole: “Popping” is the best description of what the bun does when prodded with a knife, releasing a stream (or in some cases river/geyser) of gooey yellowish white cheese.

Think we’re being dramatic? Roll the tape:

A video posted by Mike Chau (@mikejchau) on

You have to admit, it’s a little unsettling. It’s the kind of visual that gives you flashbacks to being 15 years old and standing in front of the mirror on picture day, trying hard to clear away any egregious acne before it’s recorded into the yearbook for the rest of time. (Hypothetically…of course.) The internet, per usual, was quick to pick up on this fact:

Still, it’s important to note that although its appearance might be enough to kill your appetite, that doesn’t mean it can’t still taste great. As one Instagram post on GrubStreet reads “It may look disgusting and impractical, but it is delicious after initial shock and a lot of napkins.”

We'll buy that. Speaking of which, we're loading up on napkins and heading over there to try one now. 


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