Face It, He's Never Proposing...and This Is Why

When he's in no rush to marry you. 

If you feel like you’ve found the love of your life, it’s only natural that thoughts will flood your mind over when, how and where that person will pop the question. You may have a timeline in your head of when you think it will happen, but if you don’t open your eyes up a bit, you may not see that you and your partner are on different pages and life itineraries. 

Maybe he’s not feeling the idea of marriage altogether or maybe he thinks you two need some more years dating before jumping into all the commitment that comes with marriage and starting a family.

If you’re wondering whether you are dating someone who is on the fast-track toward marriage or dating someone who may never ask you to say "I do," here are five signs that your guy is never proposing (hint: they are more obvious than you think).

1.  Marriage thoughts are negative

Every time marriage is mentioned or you get another invite to attend a friend or family member’s wedding, he goes off on a rant about how the sanctity of marriage is fake and useless.

2.  There aren’t many long-term plans

When you two are making plans, most of those plans have expirations dates and those dates are in the next few weeks or months. There’s rarely any talk about planning trips for the next year or even moving in together when both of your leases are up.

3.  The past feels like the present

The past is what seems to hold him back. He’s always bringing up drama that he had with his ex or reasons why relationships failed hard in the past that he’s still holding on to in the future.

4.  There are missing pieces personally

Nothing ever seems to be complete. He’s constantly looking to improve all the pieces in his life, whether that’s his career, his body, or even his need to fulfill the adventures on his bucket list. But one thing not on his ultimate list is the need to improve his relationship with you.

5.  There’s rarely an “us”

Whenever plans are mentioned, they are usually self-involved ones that don’t take into consideration your needs, wants or desires. It’s as if the person you are dating is buying themselves a one-way ticket into the future, alone.

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