Is It Chicken or Is It Rat Meat? And Why Do We Even Have to Ask These Questions?

Is fake meat the new fake news?

These days “fake news” is all the rage. It’s why articles have to exist clarifying that Stephen King is not writing the second season of Stranger Things. Or that Iceland is not actively paying men $5,000 to immigrate to their country and marry Icelandic women. (Sorry Björk fans.) And don't even get us started on Pizzagate.

Lately, however, it hasn't been the phrase “fake news” that’s been clogging up our newsfeeds, but rather “fake meat.” For clarity, we’re talking specifically about the bizarre meat scandals that have seem to have risen up over the last few weeks.

Let's start by going back to February. There were articles that surfaced claiming a shipment of rat meat disguised as chicken wings (classic) had successfully made its way through an unsuspecting San Francisco port and into your grocery store. Thankfully, it turned out those reports were completely unfounded and the original source of the story came from a satirical news site. The information spread so quickly, however, the FDA actually had to come out and promise it as all a hoax.

Jump to this month and you’ll run into a study by CBC Marketplace which allegedly found that chicken used in Subway sandwiches is only around 50 percent meat. The rest, the tests claimed, was comprised of soy and other legal additives. In response, Subway released two studies of their own showing that their chicken is actually on average less than 1 percent soy protein. (CBC Marketplace stands by their original findings, so the jury's still out.)

So what gives? Why all the fake meat scandals plaguing 2017? We can’t say for sure, but we’re staying on the lookout for whatever comes next: whether that’s squirrel burritos, rubber corn dogs, or even rat burgers.

Actually...never mind that last one.

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