This Fancy Japanese Toaster is Reinventing Breakfast, But There's a 3 Month Waiting List to Buy It

At $230, this toaster had better be the best thing since sliced bread.

When you think back to your childhood (or ahem, even this morning), you might remember staring impatiently at your toaster oven, waiting for it to pop out and be ready-to-munch. But even if you think you timed it perfectly or selected the right heat setting, inevitably, there’s always one side of crust that’s darker and crunchier than the others. You can smother it with butter and jam and let it go… or you can get on a three-month waiting list for a toaster that claims to make "the perfect piece of toast."

Enter the Japanese-made Balmuda toaster. At $230 a pop, this baby is on a long backlog, but apparently because it’s the best invention since, well, sliced bread. Bloomberg says Balmuda has taken your traditional toaster and made it a high-tech gadget. How? “Using steam and carefully calibrated heat cycles, it transforms store-bought bread into something that smells, tastes and feels like it popped out of a baker’s oven.”

Using steam to create your breakfast go-to might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, and for the founders of Balmuda, the invention was accidental. According to Bloomberg, Gen Terao and his product designers were having a company picnic on a rainy day when the warmth of the grill created steam while they were warming bread. Amazed at the quality, they tried to recreate the process and discovered the most necessary (and surprising) ingredient to make the #BestToastEver: water.

After this experience, Gen Terao—a high school dropout, world traveler and former front in a rock band called the Beach Fighters—quit his job at a pachinko parlor to grow his business. From there he sold everything he could to save up money, and eventually, sales took off and they haven’t been able to keep their products in stock.

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Unfortunately for us in the States, the brand doesn’t plan to offer its posh morning appliance here anytime soon. But if you’d like, you can get on that waiting list or try to score one via Amazon. Just make sure to tell us if you can really get Wonder Bread to taste like it came from a French cafe, and we might just book a trip to Japan to pick one up ourselves.

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