Meet the Fanciest Snake in Town With His Very Own Custom-Made Holiday Sweater

Corn snake? More like warm snake!

Here at Unleashed, we don’t cover a lot of snakes. It’s not because we’re biased against their slithery, creepy bodies or because we’re terrified of them winding up in our airplanes or because the very thought of their alien-like movements suffocates us with fear. (WE’RE COOL.) It’s more that we have a proclivity for showcasing pampered pets, and most snakes don’t get a ton of noteworthy treats.

But then there’s this corn snake named Bart who is the exception to the rule. His grandma—just like all good grandmas—knitted him a Christmas sweater this year. He topped it off with a teeny-tiny Santa hat, and man oh man, does Bart look festive.

Photo: Reddit / mlkey11

Reddit user mlkey11 offered no details other than “My mother-in-law knitted my wife’s snake a Christmas sweater,” and confirmation that “He likes it.” And even snake skeptics piped in with approvals like “Why you little adorable danger noodle!” and “That’s one dope nope rope.”

While we’re still not totally sold on serpants, we’re inclined to agree that a snake in a sweater is always better. 

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