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Pick a Puppy and We’ll Guess Your Favorite La Croix Flavor with 100% Accuracy

Our powers of puppy prediction are truly stunning.

In life, there is often one defining moment that we use as a before and after reference. For some, it’s, “After I moved to New York City…” For others, it’s “After I had twins…”  And for the rest of us? Well, it’s “After I started drinking La Croix…”

Yep, your first sip of that naturally-essenced sparkling water really is that monumental. Isn’t it hard to believe there was a time when you drank normal water like a chump, and then—bam!—you found La Croix and your life exploded into an effervescent spectrum of flavor?

But what kind of La Croix drinker are you? Are you, as the can suggests, Pure like an overnight dusting of mountain snow? Or are you more of a Passionfruit—one who defies convention and wins people over? Or, ahem, are you that polarizing personality who buys Coconut by the case?

Well we know your favorite La Croix flavor, and we’re here to reveal it the only way we know how—by making you pick a puppy.

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