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Pick a Bunny and We'll Accurately Predict Your Favorite Real Housewife of Dallas

Big hair. Small bunnies.

Bunnies are cute. Bunnies are soft. But would bunnies knife a bitch for spreading a rumor about them? We’ll never know because bunnies can’t talk.

What we can predict with 100% accuracy is your favorite cast member from The Real Housewives of Dallas based on which bunny you choose. Do you secretly like LeeAnne Locken because she’s the alpha, or Cary Deuber because she lets her husband choose out all of her outfits? Are you partial to Brandi Redmond because she’s a ginger who likes to get messy, or Kameron Westcott because she’s blonde and smart and pink all-over? Are you more Stephanie Hollman—with her blue eyes and sweet personality—or D’Andra Simmons, with her raven locks and $18,000 gowns?

Take our quiz to reveal your truth!

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