More Gross News: Your Icy Cold Fast Food Soda Might Have Fecal Bacteria in It

 Tests done in the UK found fecal coliforms in the ice.

A few weeks ago, we told you that the BBC show Watchdog had investigated the ice at several major coffee chains in the United Kingdom—and found a concerning level of fecal bacteria in it. We know, GROSS.

Well, here's more gross news for you. The same show (god bless 'em) looked into the ice at three major fast food chains in the UK you might be familiar with: KFC, McDonald's, and Burger King. The results were similar: fecal coliforms at all three chains. Out of 10 samples tested at each restaurant, the bacteria was found in three at McDonald's, six at Burger King, and seven at KFC, as reported by Grub Street.

Each chain was, of course, properly disturbed by this revelation, though McDonald's also looked on the bright side and noted that at least there wasn't any E. coli detected in the ice. Small victories.

So if you're trying avoid ingesting any fecal matter, here's a pro tip: Skip the ice dispenser, fill up on Diet Coke, and enjoy a nice lukewarm soda with your burger.

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