You Never Knew You Loved Ferrets ‘Til You Saw This One Lose Its Mind in a Bowl of Snow

Or maybe you did, we don’t know your life.

Ferrets are one of those animals that elicit strong reactions—either you’re a ferret superfan, or you think that they look like the creepy result of a raccoon and a snake having a baby. Here at Unleashed, we proudly fall in the former camp—and after this video, we’re pretty sure you will too.

Over on Twitter, a user named Hoshikuzu shared a video of her ferret (named Tet-chan) going completely bonkers in a bowl of snow. Like, seriously, flipping out, dancing, prancing, burrowing, making snowballs, running away, coming back, and ultimately living its best faux-Arctic life.

Roughly translated, Hoshikuzu’s tweet reads “Fourth in the heavy snow rollicking tournament!” Umm… we need to see first, second, and third place winners immediately!

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