People Are Freaking Out Over These $5 Toys Because They're Super Relaxing

It's official: Pokemon Go is out, fidget spinners and cubes are in.    

A new class of toy is sweeping the country this season and unlike Tickle Me Elmo, adults are loving this plaything just as much as kids. That’s right, there’s a toy out there that both dad and daughter are going to be obsessed with. Fidget spinners and cubes are the latest playground craze, and despite their simple appearance—a three-pronged spinner or a tiny noded cube—they are addictive in both their simplicity and their ability to de-stress.

Originally designed as calming tools for kids with ADHD, users across the globe have discovered that both species of the fidget toy have a soothing effect—whether you’re a middle schooler who has trouble focusing in class, a college kid in the midst of finals or a sales guy with a huge presentation on Monday. How do we know fidget toys are becoming a phenomenon? Social media, of course. The hashtag #fidgetspinner has more than 120,00 posts attached to it on Instagram, while #fidgetcube has more than 43,000.

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Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the fidget toys are made by dozens of manufacturers, available everywhere from Walmart to Amazon and range from $5 up to $40. Below we culled together six options that will hopefully keep you and yours feeling cool as cucumbers this season. And if you’re not stressed (we’re jealous), but these also make great gifts for the tweens and teens in your life.

2E-You Tri-Spinner

BUY FROM: Amazon, $5.99

Yipa Fidget Spinner Tri Hand Ceramic Desk Toy Anxiety Stress Great Gift

BUY FROM: Walmart, SALE $10.99 (Regularly $21, 50% Off!)

Yeahbeer Hand Fidget Spinner

BUY FROM: Amazon, $14.77


BUY FROM: Amazon, SALE $22.95 (Regularly $39.99, 43% Off!)

Unicorn Spinner Tri Spinner Fidget Toy

BUY FROM: Amazon, $17.99

Trianium Fidget Cube Ball Toy

BUY FROM: Amazon, $8.95

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