This Nearly Naked Chef's Cooking Videos Give a Whole New Meaning to Food Porn

Hungry much?

File under: How to get instantly famous if you're an aspiring young chef in 2016—or any chef, anytime, anywhere. A New York City chef named Franco Noriega is shooting his cooking videos almost naked and posting them on YouTube.

Internet = broken.

The catch, for any chef wanting to try this obvious-but-oddly-underused path to stardom, is that you have to want to display your abs, and chest and waistline—and right on down—to the general public. This guy does, on his YouTube series Franco Cooks, where he shows millions of viewers around the world how to make acai bowls and... actually that's it. He only has that one video, plus another (even racier) one about chia pudding on his Facebook page. The acai bowls video is possibly SFW, just barely; the chia pudding video, um, we're not so sure.

#MODEL #CHEF #STRIPPER 📸 @sandra.arenas

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You might recall Jamie Oliver’s original alter ego, the Naked Chef, and you might also recall that Oliver was never actually naked. For those who prefer truth (or closer-to-the-truth) in advertising, Franco Noriega is your man. It turns out Noriega is no flash in the frying pan: He does have a modeling background, yes, but he also runs the Peruvian restaurant Baby Brasa in NYC and he trained at the International Culinary Center. 

As for his recipes, they're simple, healthy, and easy to follow, if you can understand what he's saying—and if you can lift your jaw off the floor for long enough to actually notice the food.

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