Rip Up a Photo of Your Ex and Get Free Wings at These Restaurants on Valentine's Day

So long, Cupid: C stands for Catharsis.

Forget chocolate and flowers: For some people, this Valentine’s Day is all about a big, juicy pile of Buffalo wings. That's because one national restaurant chain is giving out free wings to anyone who rips up a photo of their ex on V-Day. Sound like an awesome way to mark the occasion? Get this:

Hooters is paying tribute to the fact that (as the company states on its website), “your ex’s picture is worth a thousand curse words." To that end, the restaurants will award an order of free boneless wings to anyone who shreds their ex’s photo online or on location. Those who shred online will get a digital coupon, and those who shred in the store will receive the special on the spot, but both are good only on Valentine’s Day.

There is a catch: You need to buy an order of wings to get your free order of wings, which means if you don't have a date, that’s a heck of a lot of wings. However, the wings you score can be paired with any rub or sauce you want, because on Valentine’s Day you might be feeling extra-hot, or salty, or maybe you'll be feeling sweet after all that catharsis.

Sometimes revenge isn't best served cold: It's best when served up warm, juicy, and slathered in sauce.

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