Help the 'Fashion Queens' decide which fashion moment is the most gag-worthy.

on Feb 6 - The Dish0

This week the 'Fashion Queens' are saying, "Hooray for Hollywood" as they nominate not one, but two star-centric shoots in Vanity Fair.

First up is the magazine's 20th anniversary cover that makes us feel like it's already Oscar night.

That much star-power is going to be hard to beat. But the next nom turns Hollywood on it's head as it strips stars down proving that beauty isn't just in the glitz and glam.

In the Chuck Close Vanity Fair photo shoot we see stars such a Scarlett Johansson in their purest form.

But young Hollywood might have met it's match as powerhouse model, 82-year-old Carmen Dell’Orefice, shows us how it's done in this incredibly stunning shoot for New You Magazine.

Which stylish photo shoot should take this week's Gag Award? Vote below.




Bevy! My Huzband and I LUV your show! Tell Bravo TV to loosen up those budget strings and send you and the "boys" to Los Angeles to review the current fashion exhibit at the County Museum by Diane Von Furstenberg, AND have Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather be your special guest co-hosts while you're in town!


I say Scar Jo.