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An Outpouring of Love and Support As #GaysBreaktheInternet Trends on Twitter

Following the tragedy in Orlando, supporters come out in droves. 

A love wave on Twitter has come following the tragic shooting in Orlando. 

Using the hashtag #gaysbreaktheinternet, it was an outpouring of love and support for the gay community and the victims. It was also a place where many revealed their sexual orientation for the first time, revealing that they were proud to be gay.

Many others, including straight people, use the hashtag to show their support for the gay community. 

Louisa C-Burnham wrote, "the nest Twitter trend there ever was," to show her support.

Jamie Corbett wrote, "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. No matter what anyone thinks of me."

Josh wrote, "I'm just gonna come out and say it, I'm pansexual & proud."

Another wrote, "because I just don't care anymore. I love you Abdi."

Deanna wrote, "Because I'm not afraid to love you. This is my girlfriend everyone, and I am proud."

Another woman wrote,"I guess I'm not scared to come out as bi anymore lol my family/relatives will hate me for this."

Catherine wrote, "I never addressed my sexuality or face on this account so ~ welcome to my pansexual mind."

Another man wrote, "Because I'm proud af of who I am/my sexuality and love this guy a lot."

One Muslim woman wrote, "a Muslim AND a lesbian??? the rumours are true i exist."

Nicholas wrote, "will never stop being proud of who I am. I ain't sorry."

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