Pet You Didn't Know You Needed: Baby Wombat is Playful as a Puppy

Australia’s got all the best animals.

That’s it. We’re moving to Australia.

First there was that baby koala who got to hang out at the police station. Then there were those echidna puggles that blew our minds at the Taronga Zoo. Now, meet George, a baby wombat who was rescued by The Australian Reptile Park.

The four-month-old wombat rescue was found after his mother was tragically hit by a car. A passerby investigated the scene where he found baby George in his mother’s pocket, then turned him over to the Australian Reptile Park.

Thankfully, George is thriving in his new environment. He is being cared for by renowned wildlife conservationist Tim Faulkner, who has helped nurse George to good health and made him an ambassador for the species. To say George has taken to Tim is, um, an understatement.

“As joeys, wombats always stay nearby their mothers,” posted to their Facebook page, “so it’s only natural that George likes to be very close to his carer!”

In response, Tim posted this touching comment: “It will be hard work to get him back to the point of returning to nature (and hard on my heart to be honest!), but it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept to ensure he has a long, healthy life!”

Enjoy this video of George being as playful as a puppy—then remind yourself these are wild animals that you should not steal and force to be your pet.

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