Here's How You Can Get Paid $64,000 to Drink and Study Beer

Hi, dream job.

Throughout history, researchers have gone to great lengths and made countless sacrifices to investigate, document and analyze their subjects. Now, following in the footsteps of the Lewis & Clarks, the Charles Darwins, and the Jane Goodalls of the world, the Smithsonian is ready to pay one brave researcher to take to the field in an attempt to study and record that wildest of animals: beer.

More specifically: the craft beer movement.

Travel and Leisure reports that the Smithsonian is currently on the hunt for a resident Beer Historian to travel the country recording, researching and collecting American brewing history. With the meteoric rise of craft beer in the United States (currently more than 4,000 breweries are pumping out the suds) the Smithsonian believes craft beer to be of significant historical significance and worthy of research. We always suspected beer was worth "researching."

The Smithsonian, your new "work" place.

Funded by the Brewer’s Association, the position, which lasts three years, offers plenty of beer drinking as well as a salary of $64,650 per year and full benefits. (Which is great, because the lucky candidate might want to get a couple of health checks during those 36 months of, er, hard work.)

The ideal candidate should, obviously, be a fan of beer but also a trained historian, according to the Smithsonian’s website. Specifically “the ideal candidate should know the historiography of brewing and be comfortable designing a research plan, using material and archival sources, organizing and conducting oral histories, writing for both scholarly and popular audiences, and speaking to the media.”

If this sounds like something you’re qualified for, applications are still being accepted through August 10. If, like us, you find this sadly beyond your qualifications, feel free to continue conducting your own independent research at those 4,000+ craft breweries we mentioned.

You know, for science.

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