Get Your Airplane Ticket Booking Fingers Ready! Here's Why Fall's the Time to Buy

As if you needed another reason to travel.

There's lots of bad news surrounding commercial air travel lately: The seats could be going from bad to worse in terms of comfort, seat mates are going from gross to grosser in some cases, and there's certainly none of the white-glove service that comes from flying private.

But there's some good news around the corner too, it seems: Now that the peak summer season is giving way to less festive travel time, it looks like airfares will be coming down as well. Making it actually a very festive time to travel indeed!

According to a study from airfare prediction app Hopper, airfare prices have already begun falling, with average domestic roundtrip airfare dipping to $217 this month. Hopper is also forecasting that airfare will fall more than eight percent more to reach a fall low of $213 in October.

Overall, domestic roundtrip airfare this fall should edge up just a percent or so over last fall — and still be well below the fall of 2014, sitting at about 16 percent less than the same season that year.

Why? Well it's because the price of jet fuel fell about seven percent in July. It's still about 40 percent above the low point at the end of 2015, but is nevertheless cheaper than at any time since 2009. And that means airlines might even have further room to discount their tickets based on their fuel savings.

So this all means that we're all well positioned to jet over to a beach when the thermometer falls too low for comfort at home.

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